At you can know everything about ChexSystems. Every person with checking accounts is feared when his or her name appears on Chexsystems report. Luckily it does not have to be the world’s end anymore. The thought that we are in the middle of the recession brought by the banking system which is now punishing you for some small mistake makes it more annoying.

No matter how minor is the mistake on your part or even if it your fault or not. There are many good people who have paid through checks and found they are bounced. At the same time, they may have tried to use these funds in good trust. But this is enough to get their account terminated.

It even gets worse, as your name will be added along with those who have really attempted fraud the banking system, with their false ID. Once your name comes in Chexsystems list, you will be blacklisted for at least five years. This situation can be fought and lifted up. You can take on the legal system while struggling to maintain your life without a checking account and you could even be lacking funds since your bank has frozen your funds.

Chexsystems is an agency which works along with member banks to share details on customers they don’t prefer. All banks are not members of this networks and so they are not eligible to pass on your details to all banks.

There are very few banks that do not make use of ChexSystems as they don’t belong to the network and so they do not mention about this system in their new client’s risk assessment. These are worth a try, especially if they offer bank accounts for those who are on ChexSystems and do not limit their operations to only local customers. But you should be alert for additional charges like the monthly fee for your checking account.