If you are having dental disorders that need immediate attention, then you may want to seek out a dental implant specialist. Before proceeding for the treatment, you should be aware of the different types of dental implant materials that are used by doctors these days.

Besides, dental implants are the most reliable and permanent option for the missing tooth. They are made in such a way that patients feel comfortable while biting or chewing.

It is best that you get your dental implants done by professionals. Although there are many, but you need to take some time out to choose the best Orange County dentist, as they use proper tools and techniques to treat their patients.

Types Of Dental Implant Materials

  • The traditional dental implant procedure uses titanium. It has been used for many years and has high rate of success in dental implantation. The titanium is very flexible, as it can be converted to a one piece or two piece systems. The two piece system contains a part that is inserted surgically into the bone and a supporting piece placed on the implant, which is joined to the replacement.
  • The zirconium is relatively new method of dental implanting. Those who were fed up of metal treatment created a demand for this. The zirconia treatment consists of ceramic metal and it gives a beautiful look to the tooth after the replacement. The zirconia implantation is done with one piece system and there is no separate support for it. There is no need of dental surgery, in case of zirconia implantation. The treatment saves you from bacterial infections and help us to get healthy gums..