Since a decade artificial grass has been popularly used for its varied qualities. There have been improvements in the manufacturing of the fake grass leading to enhance its beneficial features.

One of the most popular reasons is its durability. While comparing the artificial grass with the real ones, the life span of the former kind of grass is quite long lasting.

Why artificial turf is stated to be highly durable?

  • It can be maintained easily. It only needs rinsing every few weeks and fluff it to make the grass look natural.
  • They won’t break or deteriorate for many months as they are made of durable materials. The most commonly used ones are jute, polypropylene, nylon and other sub products of plastic.
  • Rinsing it thoroughly will help in cleaning dirt and dust. The pores present in the lower layer of the turf will aid in draining the water and dry the grass.
  • Fluffing will help in preventing the bending of the fake grass tips and to avoid breakage.
  • The materials used to make the replica of natural grass can resist the fluctuations in temperature of the environment.
  • Even high density of moisture and pressure of people walking on it will not damage the grass.

Right way of infill will help in enhancing the turf durability and making it appear like new any time. It will be beneficial to do minor repairs by trained artificial turf installers which will help in keeping the artificial turf well maintained for many years.