Lie detecting test is also known by polygraph, and the test requires an examiner to be conducted for the deduction of the intended results. These tests need professional examiners for getting accurate results.

For the conduction of lie detector testing in the UK, the organizations or the institutions buy their own polygraph machine and hire an expert for the conduction of the test.

In this particular situation, a professional should hired which can be easily done by keeping a few things in mind.

Properly Trained

  • While hiring an examiner, it needs to be made sure that the examiner has got the proper training.
  • The examiner should be trained from an accredited institution.

Highly Experienced

  • Experience is a matter of immense importance for a polygraph examiner.
  • More is the experience, the better and quicker results you can expect.


  • The examiner should possess all the necessary affiliations and memberships.
  • Having the necessary affiliations proves that the examiner is a genuine one.

Past Examinations

  • Before hiring a polygraph examiner, all of the previous works of the examiner needs to be checked.
  • Checking the previous works would give you an idea about the places where the examiner has worked and how successful the examiner has been. For More Information about lie detector testing in the UK, please check lie detectors uk