If you are thinking of buying Samsung Galaxy note 8, you must have seen its amazing 6.3 inch display. With this amazing screen taking all the attraction, there is every chance of having broken screen and that is why you should make sure to get a best note 8 screen protector to keep your display completely covered, and give you a peace of mind.

Many manufacturers make use of glue at the edges of the glass screen protectors, since this glue can smudge and dim your display, but it normally means that the screen protector doesn’t sit as close as it could, which can lead to loss of sensitivity and clarity of the screen. In order to avoid this issue, and to provide a close fit, there are some manufacturers who use full screen liquid adhesive. The liquid is treated with UV lamp which makes sure of very close fit. This unique method of application also means that it is the only best screen protector which claims in filling in the breakages that are already there on your screen. Since it is a tempered glass, it is strong. The glue makes it shatter proof and it is one of the best protectors for ensuring that the view is very clear. It is expensive, but it is worth the money you spend.

There are some best screen protectors for Note 8. Before buying anything you should make sure you are buying the right one for your phone. By choosing glass protectors you will be able to keep your phone new and nice and screen of your phone will be scratch free. With such a huge 6.3 inch display of note 8 screen protection is highly advised. Phones manufactured by Samsung are durable, but they are not scratch-proof. The curved edges are prone to more damage than the ones with traditional displays.